Live Local, Love Local, Spend Local

The Morgantown Area Partnership believes that as a community we can help shape 2021 and beyond by acting deliberately, safely, and purposefully… locally. Celebrate our local businesses by Living, Loving & Spending Local!


This Holiday Season: Feel Good, Do Good! #LiveLoveSpendLocal

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What does it mean to Live, Love & Spend Local?



Embrace the local community by making it a better place for all.

An example of this is completing the 2020 Census. The census guides federal dollars toward our children, the elderly and our livelihood. Businesses also use census data to help decide where to build factories, offices and stores. This creates more jobs and additional local spending in our own community. Being counted matters.



Follow Guidelines. Lead the Community.

Show your love for West Virginia and your community by slowing the spread of Coronavirus. Follow guidelines. Wear a face covering in public and maintain a distance of 6 feet from others. These simple acts can protect the community from a rollback of the Governor’s The Comeback plan and prevent businesses from closing.

Download our Back to Business—Responsibly Toolkit to help your business meet state guidelines and CDC recommendations. Included are suppliers of masks, PPE, cleaning supplies and other services to help your business continue to operate safely.



Most importantly, we need to spend our dollars as locally as possible.

Doing so helps the local economy in a sustainable way. Purchase, visit and recommend area-made local products and services.

The positive impact of local spending is real. For every $100 spent at a local business, $48 stays in the local economy. When spending $100 with a remote online store such as Amazon, only $1 stays local.


The greater Morgantown area is counting on all of our members to Live, Love and Spend Local. We believe these three acts will help shape the greater Morgantown area and all of North Central West Virginia’s future, not only for business but for the entire community. Let’s help each other!


Live Local, Love Local, Spend Local

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